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Dallas Cowboys Permanent Seat Licenses are also known as Seat Options. The Dallas Cowboys offer seat options on many reserved seats. These seat options provide you the right to purchase Dallas Cowboys season tickets to Cowboys home games. Seat option holders have the right and obligation to purchase related season tickets to Cowboys games.

Benefits of Owning Dallas Cowboys PSL and Seat Option's

Reserved Seating
  • Colossal Video Board
  • Opportunity to purchase seats to certain other events at the stadium
  • Ability to purchase pre-paid parking
  • Corners and end zones with great sight-lines and spacious plazas
Club Seating
  • Premium Club sideline seating with access to spacious clubs and premium parking
  • Best Sight-lines in the stadium
  • Roomier cushioned seats
  • Access to luxurious private clubs
  • Opportunity to purchase seats to other available events
  • Option to purchase premium parking near the stadium

Dallas Cowboys PSL and Seat Option Transfer Information

The seat option owner has the right to transfer the seat option by gift, request or otherwise, subject to the stated restrictions and by guidelines set forth in the seat option agreement. A seat option may not be transferred more than once per season.

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